Celebrate the Blessing of God

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“We will celebrate and praise you, Lord!  You are good to us, and your love never fails.  No one can praise you enough for all the mighty things you have done.  You bless those people who are honest and fair.”  Psalm 106:1-3

There are days in life when I can focus on everything that is NOT going well if I’m not careful.  Things are behind at home, I need to grocery shop, laundry is escaping its basket and rolling down the stairs. There is a toilet leaking and a toilet clogged.  Yep.  This all happens on the same day.  I can’t find the one book I know is in my office, my phone delivers 12 messages that showed up today, even though they were left for me over the last three days!

As I sit down for a few minutes to enjoy my white chocolate mocha, I read Psalm 106.  “You are good to us, and your love never fails.”  I am immediately pulled into thoughts of how God’s goodness is present for me in this moment, and His unfailing love surrounds me even in confusion or chaos.

I have read and re-read these verses over the last three weeks.  There are some lessons in this short passage for me:

Celebrate and praise–  God is good.  It is honoring to Him when I celebrate and praise His unfailing love and His powerful presence.  I celebrate lots of things every day.  Enjoying His favor and blessing is an exercise I need to be doing consistently.  It reminds me of all He has done.  It honors the God I serve.  We cannot celebrate and praise too much!!

God does mighty things- We do not serve an inanimate object.  We are blessed with the Holy Spirit who is present for us in all situations.  Our God is one of power today.  Yes, we can look back on the mighty deeds of the past, but His powerful presence is manifested in mighty acts even today!  These come in soft moments, or at times in a profound expression.  We celebrate and praise Him, and recognize the mighty works of a Living God.

God blesses those who are honest and fair– Our own character comes into play at this point in this passage.  David’s words are compelling us to BE a blessed people, be honest and fair.

My own heart says to me, “BE THIS PERSON.”

  • Celebrate
  • Praise
  • Remember His love never fails
  • We can’t praise Him too much
  • Do the right thing

Be blessed this week.  We’ll see you on Sunday when the family gathers.

Pastor Danene