Event Requests

Our church hosts and promotes a variety of events both within and outside our facilities located in North Spokane. Every event that takes place at our facilities or that is sponsored by our church goes through an approval process. This process is in place so that we can be good stewards of the resources that God has blessed us with, both physical and spiritual.

How does this event approval process work?

  1. An “Event Request Form” is submitted online.
  2. Our office receives the event request and checks for conflicts with the current church event and facilities schedule. If it is not possible to host the event on the suggested date, the requester will be contacted to discuss available options.
  3. If no conflict is found, the request is brought to the appropriate authorities for discussion. (This process may take 1-4 weeks)
  4. A decision is made and the requester is notified.

Facilities Usage Policy and Fees

Our facilities are a testament to God’s faithfulness. We ask that you respect our church family and those who sacrificially gave throughout our church’s 100 year history so that we could enjoy such wonderful facilities today. Before you submit and event request, please take a moment to read our Facilities Usage Policy.

Event Request Form

Please click on the link below to access our Online Event Request Form. Thank you!