“Lord, teach us to pray” Luke 11:1

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I’m reading Jim Cymbala’s book “FRESH POWER”.  All quotes in this
devotional are credited to him.

Praying is an ongoing journey for me.  It is never done, it is always evolving and always leaves me feeling complete. Even if I cannot see an answer currently, or if the answer comes in an unexpected way- the longing to pray and the closeness I feel from the Father when I pray- feed my soul.

There are many times in God’s Word when as God’s people we are given direction to “wait”.

Hosea 12:6  “Therefore, return to your God…. And continually wait for Him.”

Psalm 27:18 “Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes wait for the Lord.”

I just returned from a band trip with our youngest daughter, Erika.  We were at Disneyland. We happened to be there on the 60th anniversary day, and it is the one day a year the park is open for 24 hours.  Wait to get in, wait to get your bag checked, wait in line at the restroom, wait in line for the ride, wait in line for food, wait in line for the restroom, wait in line for the ride….. Some of us don’t like the word “wait”.  We want to get moving!  There were times when I walked away from a ride thinking, “I will ride this at 3:00 in the morning when there is no line!”  And I did.

In the New Testament, Jesus tells the disciples to NOT leave Jerusalem, but to wait for the gift the Father promised.  He lets them know that they are going to receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon them.  From the point of view of the disciples, they see a dying world, people without the gospel.  They have the message of life and yet they are told to wait!!

Jim Cymbala gives this thought in his book: “What often holds us back is what I call ‘cultural religion’- our blind devotion to the way we were raised in church and the atmosphere we experienced every Sunday.  I thank God for every good thing learned in the past, every blessing received- but doesn’t the Lord have more for us?  Are we making such an impact on the world for God that we can’t humble ourselves in prayer for a change in the status quo?  Revival comes when people get dissatisfied with what is…. And yearn deeply for what could be.

“God didn’t send the Holy Spirit to gives us thrills and chills; he sent the Spirit to empower us to win lost people to Jesus.”

In teaching us to pray, God is also teaching us to waitWait for his timing, wait for his answer, wait for his guidance.

We are too often looking for the “thrills and chills”, when God want us to wait on him, wait before him. Are we begging God to “teach us to pray”?  When the Holy Spirit is poured out, there is a NEW spirit of prayer and intercession.

Speaking of prayer….. Join us this Sunday evening at 6:00 for “Call to Prayer”, a time of praying with the church family.

I can’t wait to see you with the family on Sunday!!

Pastor Danene